July 29th 2023

An affordable one-day conference for early career developers to learn skills needed for a happy, healthy work life.

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Adulting.Dev is a one day conference for professionals developers who have recently started their careers and the managers and team leads who support them. The conference will cover topics across three themes - learning, living and leveling-up. This isn’t your typical tech conference - we're not talking about your technical skills, but everything else needed for a happy, healthy work life.

This year, the conference will focus on the following three areas:

  • Learning: Grow and document your technical skills. We’re not looking for technical talks. Topics will include strategies for learning, recording your growth and how to create space for learning in your role.

  • Living: This topic area is about self-care and mental health. Topics will include how to say no, maintaining a life-work balance and combating imposter syndrome.

  • Leveling Up: Hear how to transition out of junior positions. Topics will include approaching reviews with confidence, asking for a raise and meaningful feedback in a work environment.

As this is our first year running this event since 2019, we'll be slowly sharing information about how to get tickets, or even apply to be a speaker. To respect the health of all of our attendees we'll be requiring everyone to wear masks for the duration of the Conference.



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Code of Conduct

Adulting.Dev is part of the You Got This network of community conferences. As such we abide by the You Got This Code of Conduct.

The You Got This community is filled with amazing, clever and creative people, and we're excited for you to join us. Our goal is to create spaces where people can gather and discuss important themes and feelings that many of us will experience during our careers.

Read the full COC at

Inclusion Program

We're committed to running an accessible, inclusive and safe conference for everyone.

Our inclusion program includes free tickets for those in under-represented groups in tech. This includes, but isn't limited to: LGBTQIA+ people, people of color, women, non-binary people, and those with disabilities. We are committed to giving away 50% of our available tickets as part of this scholarship. Our application process only takes 5 minutes and doesn't ask you to disclose any sensitive information. If you have questions or are interested in applying, please reach out.

Past Sponsors

Proudly part of The You Got This community:

Adulting.Dev was started by Shy Ruparel and Tierney Cyren in 2019. Credit to Melody for all things design. Adulting.Dev is proudly part of the You Got This network of community conferences. Thanks to our friends and families for putting up with us while we organize this thing.